Things You Need to Know Before Selecting the Right Washing Machine

The washer is the appliance of which we could not do without in a home. But modern computers have incorporated many new features that are easy to get lost in the welter of programs, features and extras when you need to buy a new washing machine. Here are tips and guides before selecting the right washing machine.

Until 1951 no serial began producing the first automatic washing machines in Europe. Until then, wash the clothes with soap on a table at home if there was running water, and if not in the stream or the public laundry. Today, the washers are these magic boxes in which you enter the laundry and – wham! – appears in just over half an hour pristine and virtually dry. There’s even teams that already have automatic detergent dispenser. We are lucky!

Well, time to choose a machine that will last as long as possible without spoiling and make your task quickly and good results, I feel like giving up. Better buy a basic model and cheap? Or opt for a good brand and a host of programs for all eventualities? With LED screen or “wheel” bit analog and more? If you begin to combine all these factors, the possibilities multiply to infinity. Exhausting!

Let’s start with the basic types


Washing machines can be front loading or top loading. ‘s front load (with a width of 60 cm) require bending over to fill and empty them, but instead can be placed under the counter and there are dozens of models on the market. The load superior in principle more comfortable and narrow (40 cm), have the drawback that they can be located all over them.

As for the finishes

Front-loading washers can be  white, stainless steel or integrated. White is the basic model, with many types to choose from, while the stainless steel are more expensive and less variety (best ever by a fingerprint-resistant finish). The integrations are hidden under a panel that blends with the rest of the kitchen furniture. There is also washing machine in retro trend design in a variety of colors.

The capacity of the washing machines is variable

The most common are load 5kg but are rapidly gaining 6 kg models, and there are machines that wash up to 8 and 10 kg of clothes. Although most models now have half load washes, no point buying one large capacity for a house where two people live alone, and that spending on water and electricity is multiplied. If the capacity is not indispensable condition, a washing machine 6 kg load is pretty good and covers the needs of a family of four with no problem.

Speed ​​centrifugal is essential

It is essential to establish the suitability of a washing machine. The spin cycle is the last washing, draining clothes, and determines to leave more or less humid. Ideally you have a high speed, and that this can be reduced depending on the type of clothing. Better not buy anything below 1,300 rpm (revolutions per minute), and if there is to be installed dryer and there is a small clothesline, opt for a 1500-1700 rpm is also the time that makes the most noise and more washer vibrates, so if the house is small or if the kitchen is integrated in the classroom may be appropriate to pay special attention to a ultra modern model.

The energy saving determines efficiency

Should not decide on a machine serving only to price, since the initial savings may be penalized by high consumption far … You have to look at what is called energy efficiency, which ranks major appliances from A (very efficient) to G (less efficient). Currently there are also energy labels A + and A + +, guaranteeing even lower consumption. In many regions the replacement of old by these super-efficient washing machines has public subsidies.

The wash programs are multiples

More and more different wash programs offered by washing. Basically have one fast, the other green, one more heavily soiled and one for delicate or wool with less spin. Do not buy a washing machine just because it has many more programs (denims, hacks, linen …) if you anticipate that you will use frequently.

And there’s always more extra features


There are some other features that they can be advantageous to the user of the machine. For example, it is a good idea that the machine count in timer to schedule a delayed start and in this way, you can opt to just finish washing when you get home from work, or they start to the time when the electricity rate is more low, if any … Another novel feature is the automatic detergent dispenser, the smart water manager or gauge charge.

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